In an area whose landscape was crafted and covered by mountains of ice - leaving behind rich, fertile plains and a massive amount of water nearby (Lake Michigan anybody?) - sits

Crete Valley Farms.

Our Story

It is here that our roots grow deep, our hemp grows high, and the health of our soil is captured for the betterment and nourishment of your wellbeing.

A family farm for over half a century has been tended, nurtured, and revitalized via natural, regenerative, and organic practices to produce unparalleled, premium natural health and wellness products. At Crete, our passion is converting our stewardship of clean land and clean water into pure, unadulterated CBD products rich in natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids, vitamins, minerals, and compounds that facilitate healthy, clean livin’ for all.

Hemp Hemp Hemp Hemp

Crete strives to bring balance to our environment and your body. Whether you’re in need of serious pain management, sore after getting at your favorite sport, having trouble sleeping, or dealing with chapped lips, Crete has the clean CBD product you need to get you back to your optimal self.

All of our products offer the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD, meaning that the entire hemp plant - born of healthy, bountiful soil - is extracted to yield the maximum amount of restorative cannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids, vitamins, and minerals for your betterment.